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Gnathology is the discipline that studies the masticatory functions of a complex organ that consists of teeth, jaw and mandible, muscles, temporomandibular joints, and that oversees many functions including chewing, speaking, swallowing, biting, smiling, breathing.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery deals with: simple and complex dental extractions, avulsion of included elements, germectomies, treatment of eruption anomalies, removal of labial frenules, apical periodontitis (surgical endodontics), cystic neoformations, odontogenic neoplasms, non-odontogenic neoplasms, biopsies for histopathological evaluation, sialolithiasis,
dento-alveolar traumatology, orofacial infections, implantology, maxillary sinus floor elevation, bone regeneration.


The laser in dentistry is a recent technology but, above all, it is innovative due to its many applications and some unique and valuable characteristics.

Prevention and oral hygiene

Prevention is the key to keeping our mouths healthy, and it relies on adopting daily behavioural norms and getting into the habit of regular specialist visits.

Conservative dentistry

This is the treatment of teeth affected by caries processes, procedures for eliminating caries and procedures for closing cavities resulting from the elimination of enamel and dentinacarus using special materials.

Removable dentures

Removable dentures are a non-surgical solution and are held in place with hooks anchored on the teeth, in the case of partial dentures, or through a suction cup effect in the case of full dentures.


Therapies related to periodontal tissue diseases: gingiva, alveolar bone, root cementum and periodontal ligament.

Cosmetic dentistry

Treatments aimed at improving the appearance of teeth such as teeth whitening, but not only. They can improve the functionality of teeth by applying porcelain veneers, thus making the tooth structure stronger.


Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral pathologies that can affect children and adolescents.


Treatment of the endodontium, the space within the tooth element that contains the dental pulp, consisting of cellular components, vessels and nerves.


A branch of dentistry that aims to insert dental implants, which simply replace the root of the tooth and its structure once it has fallen out or been extracted.

Mixed dentures

The fixed part can be supported by implants or even by some residual teeth on which the attachment systems for the mobile part are mounted. This type of prosthesis is a valid alternative for an aesthetic and minimally invasive solution, indicated above all in cases where implant or regenerative surgery is not recommended.

Fixed dental prostheses

Fixed prostheses make it possible to replace missing or damaged teeth. They are permanently applied and cannot be removed by the patient – either because they are cemented to the natural teeth or their roots. We will have individual capsules, dental bridges or dentures on dental implants.

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