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How we deal with COVID-19

Update 12.1.2020:

As of this week, we are able to test all of our staff thanks to our purchase of Biotech’s quick swab kits.

We are getting tested every week. This way you can feel even safer when you come for your appointment.


Learn about our protocol for tackling and containing the spread of the virus in our practice.

Follow the simple guidelines contained in the PDF below.

And if you have any doubts, please call us!





Gnathology is the discipline that studies the masticatory functions of a complex organ that consists of teeth, jaw and mandible, muscles, temporomandibular joints, and that oversees many functions including chewing, speaking, swallowing, biting, smiling, breathing.


The laser in dentistry is a recent technology but, above all, it is innovative due to its many applications and some unique and valuable characteristics.

Prevention and oral hygiene

Prevention is the key to keeping our mouths healthy, and it relies on adopting daily behavioural norms and getting into the habit of regular specialist visits.


Therapies related to periodontal tissue diseases: gingiva, alveolar bone, root cementum and periodontal ligament.


Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral pathologies that can affect children and adolescents.


Treatment of the endodontium, the space within the tooth element that contains the dental pulp, consisting of cellular components, vessels and nerves.

Doc. Enrico Ricotti

I have always sought intellectual gratification in the profession, and through gnathology and laser I believe I have obtained that. Even more important is to see a satisfied patient, with whom a relationship of friendship and empathy is often established.

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