My name is Enrico Ricotti

A bit of history

I graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1982 and specialised in Odontostomatologyin 1986 at the University of Pavia.

My medical education has allowed me to face the subsequent specialisation with a very rich cultural background and has served as a beacon in the dental profession.

The patient is seen by me with a ‘holistic‘ eye.

Having said that, I was immediately interested in gnathologyand masticatory function, which is fundamental for the health of our mouth.

I followed a number of teachers, including Professors Slavicek, Avril, Cardonnet, and many others, who made me realise that there are many individual bright ideas in schools of thought that are sometimes even at odds with each other.

So, it is curiosity that drives our research, and doubt must always accompany us in our search for this truth.

In 1992, together with some colleagues, we founded the AIG (Italian Association of Gnathology), which has always expressed the best scientific thinking on the subject. Today it is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health as a scientific society, accredited to discuss the subject and give guidelines on it.

In 2010, I discovered a fantastic technology, the laser, and I enrolled at the University of Parmato study the subject in depth. I obtained my specialisation degree in 2012.

It was a fascinating experience that allowed me to attend the main European universities and meet excellent professionals.

I have always sought intellectual gratification in the profession, and through gnathology and laserI believe I have obtained that.

Even more important is to see a satisfied patient, with whom a relationship of friendship and empathy is often established.

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